About The Right Place

The Right Place provides a more fluid and efficient process for service providers to identify and match patients to the right place of care in a simpler way.

A brief history

Dr. Alan Abrams and Katherine Chambers developed The Right Place beginning in 2013 after Dr. Abrams recognized a particular pain point in the process of how patients are discharged from hospitals to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). With over 30 years of experience in geriatric medicine, Dr. Abrams has managed patient care in and around multiple settings from hospitals to nursing homes and home health services. Katherine comes to the partnership with a wealth of knowledge in developing online products from her time at Starwood Hotels Worldwide and HomeAway, Inc.

There must be a better way

After hours of phone calls, faxes and voicemails, patient placement is still beholden to a clunky process, and approximately 24% of patients end up back in the hospital just to start that process all over again. The Right Place can help solve this issue by getting patients out of hospitals quicker, filling empty beds at skilled nursing facilities with the right patient mix, lowering readmissions rates to hospitals, and engaging patients in decision making of their post-acute care options.

At The Right Place, our first goal is to empower service providers to speed up this patient placement process, while creating better value, transparency and outcomes for all.

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