News from the LTC 100 Conference

We followed the LTC 100 Conference on social media last week. As highlighted in an article written by James Berklan of McKnight’s, there were recommendations out of a research study that would help SNFs keep up with the new regulations and environment in which they are operating. One of these recommendations is the need for more performance data points which can help provide proof of value in an impending value-based environment. We couldn’t agree more. We created The Right Place in response to the need most post-acute operators have in identifying, in real time, their performance trends and patterns in serving their patients. We created our tools to provide SNFs with analytics such as length of stay, payer information and patient mix to not only improve their business surrounding patient referrals and intake, but to gather that information for their operating companies, partners, ACOs and others to evaluate the quality care that is provided. If you are a SNF email us to find out how The Right Place can help.

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