Product Feature: Instant Medicare Check

Of all of the features of The Right Place, the one that probably gets the most “ooohhhs and aaahhhs” from our users is the Instant Medicare Eligibility Check. When developing The Right Place, we found that most Admissions Directors at Skilled Nursing Facilities make an extra phone call to verify a potential incoming patient’s Medicare (or other payer) information, and most SNFs pay a third-party source an extra fee for this service. It often takes a long time to receive a response back on payer information which leads to unnecessary delays in the Admissions Director being able to accept the patient into his/her facility. With The Right Place, we offer an Instant Medicare Eligibility Check that pulls a patient’s Medicare information directly from a verified third-party source. With the click of a button, information on the patient’s remaining SNF days are automatically pulled into The Right Place. All the Admissions Staff needs is the patient’s name, DOB and valid Medicare number. Instead of time spent on an extra phone call and time wasted waiting for a verification back, The Right Place does this all for you conveniently with the click of a button, and best of all – it’s free! Our Instant Medicare Eligibility Check is included in the low monthly subscription fee for The Right Place. This is just one of our many features that help Skilled Nursing Facilities move quickly on accepting patients, which gives the staff more time to focus on what is important: patient care.

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