The Right Place Launches Digital Health Solution for Skilled Nursing Facilities to Enable Real-Time Patient Referral and Bed Management

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The Right Place skilled nursing facility solution enables faster, smarter patient referrals from hospitals, centralized bed management, and business analytics to improve coordinated care and patient outcomes

Thursday, November 12, 2015 06:00 AM Central Standard Time

HOUSTON, TX – The Right Place, a digital health solution that makes it easier for healthcare service providers to match post-acute patients to the right place of care, today announced the availability of its patient placement solution for skilled nursing facilities (SNF) that streamlines the patient referral and placement process along with an instant Medicare eligibility check, provides a digital bed board, and serves up real-time business performance analytics and reporting.

The company’s first commercial SaaS offering for skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) has been in beta testing for the last year with 10 facilities in the Boston area. These customers provided The Right Place with invaluable feedback that directly informed the UX design, features, and functionality to ensure the solution could best meet the needs of SNFs.

“The Right Place is easy to use, puts real-time data at my fingertips, and has simplified and increased the accuracy of our care coordination process along with enhancing our ability to make split second census decisions,” said Christine Cooke, Direction of Admissions and Marketing, Marian Manor, Inc. “The iPhone app allows my clinical liaison to confidentially share patient medical information, rehab therapy needs, and Medicare eligibility on the fly, speeding up our ability to match the right patient to the right bed.”

Early Bird Special for new customers: The Right Place is offering free service through 2015. For 2016, SNFs that sign-up for one year of service before December 31, 2015 will pay only $99 per month, per facility. That’s less than $1 per bed, per month for most facilities in the U.S. and a savings of $200 per month.

Highlights of the SNF solution include:
The Bed Board™ iPad app equips SNF admissions teams with a digital bed board and the ability to view facility, or multi-facility, occupancy, create and edit referrals, accept and assign referrals to beds, and to see real-time data analytics on the trends and performance of the business;
The Case Messenger™ iPhone app allows clinical liaisons, while meeting with patients and discharge planners at hospitals, to create and share all pertinent patient data with their SNFs on the fly, including instant Medicare eligibility details for each patient referral on days remaining, co-pay details and more;
Data Security – All SNF data is safely stored in the most secure, HIPAA compliant Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment and is protected both in storage and in transit to mobile devices using 256-bit encryption and SSL security protocol.
Business Analytics – A revenue management and reporting system that delivers real-time trend data including occupancy, referral volume, current mix of patients’ payer source, average length of stay, gender mix, case mix by clinical attribute, and more. Key business stakeholders can gain access to the system to view real-time performance data on one facility or across an organization’s multiple facilities.
“The Right Place lets us tailor the application giving us exactly the statistics that we want to monitor most closely, such as bed management and infection data. It’s a great way to see everything about our facility at a glance,” said Andrea Hurwitz, Director of Admissions, Kindred Hospital Boston.

“We’re thrilled that users have found that our solution helps them greatly improve the care coordination process,” said Katherine Chambers, Co-Founder and CEO, The Right Place. “Armed with all of the data they need at their fingertips and streamlined communications, SNFs have more time to spend providing the highest level of care to both incoming and current patients.”

About The Right Place
Founded in 2013, The Right Place was started by healthcare and technology veterans committed to improving the patient care coordination process in order to deliver a better patient experience, help reduce hospital readmission rates, and lower healthcare costs. The Right Place is a secure, software-as-a-service (SaaS) digital health platform that uses the cloud, mobile apps and data analytics to provide a more fluid and efficient process for healthcare service providers to identify and match post-acute care patients to the right place of care, while creating better value, transparency and outcomes for healthcare providers, accountable care organizations (ACOs), caregivers and patients.

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