Why I Joined The Right Place

“Improving patient care” has always been an important phrase to me. Having spent many hours in a hospital setting as registered nurse, not a day went by when I didn’t think about improving patient care. It’s not that we weren’t taking great care of our patients. . . we were. But I always felt more could be done to advance the process, especially as it related to patient care coordination, communication and patient peace-of-mind.

During my nursing years, Women’s Health was my specialty. Geriatrics was a new world for me. But when I understood the mission of The Right Place, and drawing upon all my experience in and around hospitals, I thought it was a brilliant concept. I wanted to help. I also felt confident that technology was the solution for solving this issue. After nursing, I spent 4 years with an EHR company and in my time in the field, I learned a great deal about the impact technology has on healthcare.

One of the benefits of The Right Place that drew me in specifically is the ability to measure the capabilities of a skilled nursing facility. With this feature, when the patient is discharged from the hospital, he or she can be directed to the best best-matched facility depending on his or her diagnosis and symptoms. Ensuring a facility has the right capabilities to care for a patient is an important component in improving patient care and patient outcomes.

I am the VP of Customer Experience at The Right Place and draw upon both my nursing background and Health IT expertise to help demonstrate the benefits and features of our product to our users, while still serving as an advocate for the patient. The Right Place is the right place for me because I feel confident our product is improving patient care.

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